A market that never stops growing!

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This is the right time to start your tracking company!

Vehicle tracking market maintains a rapid growth since the transporters and fleet owners went looking for alternatives to avoid theft of loads, which today generate losses of 1 billion brazilian real per year. Another big reason to invest in this business is the need to monitor and evaluate how the drivers drive in order to avoid traffic accidents, that also generate enormous prejudices. This market evolved, extending the tracking services for protection of family, pet's, working teams, etc.

A world of opportunities you will be able to explore!

Demand in all regions of the country

Low investment for implementation

Opportunity to start on a small scale

Excellent profit margin


400 thousand

Vehicles stolen
in Brazil.

1 billion

Brazilian real is the annual prejudice
generated for the theft of loads.

30 millions

Vehicles as
potential clients!

More sustainability for your business!

Get expressive profit on your sales, accumulating and forming a portfolio of profitable clients and composed of recurring revenue.

How does it work?

We make an evaluation
of your needs

We send a quotation
with the ideal model

Hiring our software platform,
we will put at your disposal the contact
of the suppliers we work with
for many years.

Our Implementation Department
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and commercial team

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